Marusha – MADRID

In one of the most exclusive areas of the capital
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Marusha is the new trendy space in Madrid. In one of the most exclusive areas of the capital, is located the conceptual binomial: Marusha Society as a nightclub and Marusha The Patio as a cocktail bar.

A groundbreaking mix that shares an imposing facade forged with one of our star products. Marquina Black is an elegant and sober marble. Originally from the quarries of the Basque Country, this large-format piece fits perfectly with the sophistication of the place. Moreover, it has a distinctive white veining that will hypnotize any passerby.

In the interior, Marquina Black continues to be the main protagonist in countertops, walls and floors. The sophisticated material fits and contrasts, in equal parts, with the predominant red in ceilings, stairs and lighting.

In addition, we find in Marusha another of Ascale’s best-selling products. Torano Statuario dominates the discotheque bar with a light color and grayish veining that allows it to stand out in the darkness of the space.