ASCALE stands at the forefront of the large-format sintered slabs market, where each product embodies the fusion of experience and the application of cutting-edge technologies.

ASCALE sintered slabs are available in thicknesses of 6, 12 and 20 mm and in the 320 x 160 format, which is an immensely powerful tool for professionals in architecture, construction and interior design due to the resistance and versatility.  In addition, our 12 mm tiles feature a fiberglass mesh reinforcement on the back so our material can reach maximum resistance values.

Thanks to our experience and the different applications of the latest technology in the production process, we’ve shortened the sintering times for natural stone when exposed to high pressures and high temperatures for thousands of years, thereby improving the performance of natural stone.

Our collections perfectly adapt to all needs as we have a product portfolio with all types of marble, cement, stones, woods, metals and essential minerals. Our mission is to create spaces that evoke feelings of comfort among all consumers.

With ASCALE, we can enjoy the finishes of the most iconic natural stones with the performance of a state-of-the-art sintered slab.