Infinity White

The Infinity White porcelain plate is a high-quality and beautiful product characterized by its pure white color and smooth, uniform texture. Manufactured with cutting-edge technology, this plate has great resistance to wear and the passage of time, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

With a matte finish and no porosity, Infinity White offers an elegant and modern appearance that adapts perfectly to any style of decor. Its minimalist and sophisticated design makes it easy to combine with other materials and colors, becoming an excellent choice for creating harmonious and aesthetically attractive spaces.

In addition, its ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it a very practical option for those looking for a durable and resistant surface. Undoubtedly, Infinity White is an excellent choice for any project that requires a high-quality aesthetic and functional solution.

Technical data sheet
320cm 126'' Medidas Piezas
160cm 63''
AS polished
AS matt
Technical specifications
ASCALE Lightness
ASCALE Made in
ASCALE Waterproof
ASCALE Cut Resistance
ASCALE Recycled
ASCALE Large Format
ASCALE UV Resistance
ASCALE High Resistance
ASCALE Hygienic
ASCALE Low temperature resistance
ASCALE High temperature resistance
ASCALE Anti-stain
ASCALE 100% natural