Ascale expands its reach with new own factory in Alcora

9 de August de 2023

Grupo Empresarial Pamesa boosts its production capacity with the strategic acquisition and creation of a specialized factory

Ascale is in the midst of a process of expansion and development. Now, in an exciting step forward, it has established its own factory located in Alcora. This new manufacturing facility marks a milestone in Ascale’s evolution. The acquired factory, formerly known as Best Surface of the Laminam group, is located in the town of Alcora.

With this strategic move, Pamesa Grupo Empresarial has achieved a significant increase in its annual production capacity, with an increase of 1,500,000 square meters.

Ascale’s new factory in Alcora boasts impressive versatility, being able to produce parts with thicknesses ranging from 6 to 20 millimeters. Its main focus is the creation of large-format pieces that stand out for their excellence and quality.

Porcelain tiles have a number of unique advantages over alternative materials. These include characteristics such as light weight, impermeability and resistance to odor absorption. In addition, they exhibit an amazing ability to resist cutting, UV rays and extreme temperature variations.


Ascale represents the culmination of the latest technology in large format slabs, fused with more than half a century of experience accumulated by the Pamesa Group. With a market presence of seven years, Ascale has stood out as a solid bet of the Group, combining perfectly the technological vanguard and a sophisticated design.

In a sector where excellence is essential, Ascale emerges as a true pioneer by masterfully combining technological innovation and design elegance. Thanks to this fusion, Ascale has secured a prominent place in the industry, especially in the demanding world of natural stone. Its market presence continues to strengthen, reaffirming its unique synergy between innovation, technology and functionality.