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How to renovate an entrance with ceramic stair cladding

23 de September de 2022

Ceramic stair cladding can completely change the look of the hall in our home or office block. What’s more, considering the number of stone designs we have, giving a makeover to an outdated design couldn’t be easier.

In this post, we will see how we can renovate the entrance to a house or building, just by looking at the cladding on stairs.

What to consider before choosing interior stair cladding

When making plans to rejuvenate a building, it’s possible we would forget about stairs. However, the staircase can become the centrepiece if we just pay a little attention to it.

Before choosing the best stone cladding for stairs, we must consider three basic aspects:

Different types of stairs

There are different types of stairs and not all cladding works well with each one. First, we need to know what type of renovation we need.

In a complete renovation, it is important to take a look at the materials we can use. In contrast, if we just want to change the surface, we should get advice from an industry expert to find out the best stone to use.

The elements that make up a staircase

We mustn’t forget all the elements that make up a staircase. The banister, the handrail, the typical features of the steps themselves (height, depth, width).

Also, when cladding up stairs with ceramic or any other material, we must take into account the adjoining floor and walls. If we do this, we will be able to keep the harmony of the room.

The budget available for the renovation

Finally, we should check the cost of our project. We must be clear that the cost of the renovation will be linked to the type of ceramic for the clad stairs that we choose. We must ask for a personalised quote for our entrance renovation.

Now all we need to do is think about the style and look we want through a few catalogues, like Ascale ceramic cladding, to check out the most current designs.

Which cladding options can I choose from for a staircase?

There are many ways to give a new look to a staircase: from changing the paint colour, to completely modifying the classic design of a raised staircase.

To get an idea, these are the aspects that we can choose to design the staircase of our dreams:

  • The material: from wood to glass, we have so many materials! That said, at Ascale, we recommend ceramic stair cladding. Specifically with sintered stone claddings, as these are waterproof and resistant. They are also easy to maintain.

  • The colour: not all materials offer a wide chromatic range. However, all the stones in our catalogue have at least two variations. This lets us play with the other elements and create a space that fits in with the rest of the space.
  • The thickness: as professionals, we wouldn’t recommend leaving this up to the consumer, as it is important for the piece to be appropriate for the type of staircase. This aspect can only be determined by architects or stair cladding fitters. Nevertheless, we can join the party by deciding whether we want to clad the front of the step or just the upper part, and if we wish to bring the skirting board into play and at what height.

3 ideas for stairs with cladding in ceramic

Now that we know what we can choose, we must search for ideas to find the ceramic stair cladding that best fits our style. Here are a few ideas:

  • Contrasts between steps and step-fronts. Our catalogue has many stones that offer two tones for us to play with. For example, if we have a modern, light flat, combining white step-fronts with the upper part in black will look spectacular!
  • Natural style, with the comfort of ceramic clad stairs. This is what we can achieve with the Natura collection, which imitates the grains of wood. This is a very attractive option for flooring.
  • Complete ceramic cladding for stairs! This design is perfect for grand entrances as stone needs space to shine. But if we can do it, it will be breathtaking to see the side of the staircase together with the steps and the step-fronts. This design also fits perfectly with the nicest properties in the city.

And we can’t forget the existing elements that we won’t touch, as they will be a determining factor for everything to fit perfectly. In this case, to follow the advice of a specialist team is essential.