Discover BODYTECH: Ascale’s New Technical Collection

20 de February de 2024

The brand introduces a collection called Bodytech, using exclusively natural raw materials and minerals, Ascale’s slabs are an authentic expression of earthly beauty. Each slab offers an incomparable variety of color chips and grains, obtained directly from nature itself. The essence of the “BodyTech” concept is reflected in every detail of Ascale’s pieces. Ensuring a consistent appearance and texture, creating a unified beauty that endures after processing and cutting. With a design that offers continuity between the surface and the edges, Ascale’s designs meet the highest design standards, both indoors and outdoors.

Four novelties are available in 320×160 format and two thicknesses, 12 mm and 20 mm. Immerse yourself in the warm and cozy atmosphere of Antalya Sand, where beige blends with white highlights and subtle granules to add a touch of light and texture to your spaces. Let the timeless elegance of Ceppo Di Gre, with its dark gray and distinctive nuances, envelop you in a feeling of depth and mystery. Explore the modern sophistication of Pierre Blue, where brown and gray granules intertwine in a harmonious dance, but it is the brown that predominates, adding warmth and character to your spaces. Finally, be seduced by the subtle elegance of Dune Gray, where light gray in the background is illuminated with flashes of dark brown and white, creating a play of lights and shadows that will transform any space into an oasis of serenity and beauty.