What is a sintered stone countertop?

15 de November de 2021

That’s one of the questions we most frequently hear from customers. What is the sintering process for kitchen countertops?

Sintering is a manufacturing process that involves applying and compacting various types of soil and natural minerals until they are homogeneously mixed. After they are compacted, they are subjected to high temperatures to produce a solid and compact kitchen countertop. This process creates strong bonds between the very particles comprising each piece.


With our experience and the different ways we apply the latest technology in the production process, we shorten the sintering time natural stone goes through as it is exposed for thousands of years to high pressures and high temperatures and, thus, even enhance the features of natural stone.

Therefore, a kitchen countertop made of sintered stone or compact surfaces is a great choice. Any existing material can be graphically replicated with very precise realism for next-generation performance.


Sintered pieces are lighter (usually weighing about 5-25% less) than the same solid component. Plus, there’s the added advantage that the surface is completely sealed which makes it impermeable.

We hope to have cleared up one of the most common questions and helped you make a decision on your future kitchen countertop.