El Ceramista

New restaurant in Villarreal C.F. stadium
Projects materials

Ceramic is the great protagonist of the new gastronomic concept of Villarreal C.F. A space that uses this material on walls, floors, tables, countertops, sinks, doors, extractor hoods, accesses… A show where the capabilities of this material go far beyond.

Before even walking into the eatery that is already one of the emblematic restaurants in the area, we find an impressive door 3.20 x 1.60 covered with Belvedere Black. A captivating black granite from the quarries of Angola that adds a distinctive touch. On the other hand, Ducal Gold is the main protagonist of the bathroom walls and sinks with its gold and silver veining on a white piece.

Thanks to the adaptability of ceramics, we can also find it in the dining room tables covered with Grassi White. A classic marble that is one of the most demanded by the market and fits perfectly in avant-garde spaces.

Another of the marbles for excellence that we can find in El Ceramista is the Crotone Pulpis. Used in the bar of the reserved and in the bathroom countertop, it shows its great versatility. And, the fact is that the chromatic variety adapts to both modern and classic environments.

The restaurant for lovers of ceramics uses Ascale products to add value to the restaurant. Elegance, distinction and sophistication are the main ingredients of their star dish.