Ascale Skin: Infinite Surfaces

Ascale booth for Marbella Design 2022
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Ascale Skin: Infinite Surfaces

Ascale Skin is the mixture, the game and the union between materials, applications, lights and sensations. A stand that becomes the skin of Ascale, the skin of a surface where everything is possible. Skin that envelops, protects and accompanies. Skin on walls, floors, countertops, furniture. Powerful and effective skin.

The space, designed by Única, aims to show the capacity and versatility of sintered stone, taking it out of its natural habitat to create a universe with infinite possibilities. In Ascale’s latest stand for Marbella Design, the interwoven rigid materials give rise to a moldable space with no limits, created by the union of technique and creativity.

Creativity that becomes palpable in a dome clad in Macchia Vecchia Gold, marble that becomes the center of attention.