Ascale gives a ‘big time’ welcome at Marbella Design

Marbella Design 2022 entrance
Projects materials

Ascale welcomed for eleven days all visitors to Marbella Design 2022. A spectacular entrance accompanied by models such as Macchia Vecchia, Labradorite or Alto Statuario. No decoration, no application. Tables “just as they are, without any kind of adornment”, as they explain from the Deseese Design studio, designers of the project that adds one more adventure to the #AscaleExperience. A philosophy and way of life.

Also, accompanied these tables, the ‘solidarity cubes’. Cubes sponsored by various companies that collaborate in the event ‘Ascale Solidario’ that managed to raise 5,200 euros for the Down Syndrome Association of Malaga, Down Malaga.

An initiative that Ascale will continue to promote to do its bit in contributing to a better society.

Companies that collaborate with ‘Ascale Solidario’:

Aalto Exclusive Design, Bardera Instalaciones y Decoración, Deseese Design, Devesa & Agenjo, Diseño Absoluto, Escenium, Guadarte, Javi Escobar, José Lara, Lé Interior Design, Marisa Gallo, MV Interiorismo, L’Art Singular, Nothing Studio, Cristina Puerta, Ramos y Cobos, Shelum Bautista, Soledad Ordoñez Giordano, Susana Urbano, Espacio Única, Welcome Design, TAU Cerámica, Grupo Empresarial Pamesa y Marbella Design & Art.