In line with our company motto, at TAU Cerámica we reinvented ourselves and adapted architectural spaces to modern lifestyles. ASCALE by TAU builds on the technical characteristics of top-of-the-range porcelain and offers more options, due to its lightness and adaptability.

The large size of the ceramic slabs is ideal for using on facades in both new-build and renovation projects.

Characteristics such as dimensional stability, impermeability and resistance to cracking and bending together with a wide range of finishes make ASCALE by TAU the best choice for architects and construction professionals.


Products free from resins and organic additives, and with a permanent chemical composition.

Belvedere Black

* On request

Cariati Brera
Crotone Pulpis
Ducal Gold

* On request

Grassi White

* On request

Torano Statuario
Vagli Gold
Varese Ónice
Borgogna Silver

* On request

Imperia Black
Monteclemo Black

* On request

Monteclemo Silver

* On request

Moma Rusteel
Imperia Silver
Alpi White
Grum Black


Ascale products offer the following three types of surface finishes:


Its natural finish and regular texture give this material very high strength properties. The most versatile and popular finish comes in a range of different robust colours.


Finish that is similar to matte, but has a smoother-textured surface and certain colours are available in gloss. Especially recommended for certain materials, with proven results in interior flooring, preventing stains and easy to clean.


The most elegant of finishes, with depth, shine and reflection. Its completely smooth surface makes a strong impression. An ideal finish for creating fantastic effects.


Worktop edges and joints are not only functional; they also add an aesthetic component that make them not just useful, but also improve the overall appearance. Joints should be made using a micro bevel because although straight cuts are perfect, they might appear chipped or irregular due to the texture of the slab. Each joint needs to have a support.

R 0.5mm – 2mm Bevel – 0.5mm
R 2mm

Edges formed from a 2mm bevel and rounded edges with a radius of 0.5m increase resistance to edge impacts and provide a more aesthetic finish.

Edges can be polished dry or wet, depending on the sandpaper used. To polish the edges, they must first be treated with a water repellent so that they are permanently sealed. We recommend that you make the edges as follows:

In areas with a high risk of impact - such as sinks - a larger radius is recommended. The larger the radius, the better the edge is able to withstand impacts, always bearing in mind that, with a larger bevel, the base colour of the plate will be more exposed.

Round edge - R 2mm
Canto em meia - square with 2mm bevel
Mitered edge
Technical Data

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