Ceramic to Become One of the Trends in Interior Design for 2020

25 de May de 2020

All-new interior design trends for 2020! This has been happening for quite a few years now as people are constantly checking out interior design calendars for 2020 and the year ahead to bring their properties in line with modern aesthetics. Another good technique is to have a look at finished projects or talk to ceramic dealers who can advise you on your spaces.  All help is welcome when it comes to decorating!

2020 Trends in Interior Design

There are several trends that seem to be setting the guidelines for the year 2020 with options for all tastes. For example, the simplest and most classic tastes or the best mixes among materials for more surprising results. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

  1. One of the riskiest options is mixing. In the past, everything in a house had the same finishes or at least rather similar ones. Now you can clearly differentiate the various spaces, walls, floors and furniture. 
    Thus, combining cement with hydraulic tiles and ceramic on a wooden floor is a growing trend for those looking for distinguished decoration.
  2. Other growing trends, however, are aimed at sobriety and simplicity. That’s why more and more people are redecorating their properties with classic and smooth looks by using personally decorated wood, for example. Other are using classic natural stones and lots of marble. It’s a safe choice for your interior decoration!

  • 2020 Trends in Ceramics

One of the star materials is no doubt ceramic. It is used as a base and also in combination with other materials as some of the best interior design trends for 2020. Don’t think twice about requesting projects that include this material which is set to revolutionize the year in interior design.