Kitchen Trends for 2022

10 de December de 2021

After a few years spending more time at home and going out less than usual, we’re now analysing some of the kitchen trends that will be popping up next year.

  • Connected dining rooms and kitchens

Kitchens have truly become the nerve centre of any home. That’s why people are more and more choosing to connect the kitchen and dining areas. Thus, they’re creating daytime spaces (kitchen/dining room and guest bathroom) and night-time spaces (bedrooms and other bathrooms).

Islands and peninsulas are two wonderful solutions for connecting or separating the space between the dining area and kitchen. It allows the person cooking to be involved and at the centre of life in a home.

  • Smart, hidden appliances

Household appliance manufacturers are not at all in the dark when it comes to technological progress. Hence, you can now buy refrigerators that calculate the perfect temperature for the food within as well as washing machines and dryers that change cycles automatically.

There is a clear trend towards camouflaging appliances behind cabinets and islands which will continue into the new year. Visually, it’s much more continuous and attractive when less can be seen. And it’s a great solution for many parents as they’re not as within reach for children.

  • LED lights and eco-friendly faucets

More and more faucet brands are committing to systems that restrict water flow to considerably reduce water consumption. You can also find double-handle faucets which is a very interesting solution since there’s a stop halfway where only 50% of the flow is allowed.

  • All black

There’s a clear trend towards designing dark kitchens. Colours like black, dark grey and anthracite are some of the most popular. At Ascale, we offer kitchen countertops in dark tones such as: Marquina Black, Laurent Black, Imperia Black and Grum Black, just to name a few.

Matte colours have been outshining glossy ones for months and this is expected to continue for the next two years.

  • Sintered stone countertops

This material has been on the rise in the category for 3 years. More and more customers know this type of material can give them a next-generation kitchen countertop with the look of marble, stone or cement yet without the same maintenance concerns. The same aesthetics as natural materials with the amazing features of sintered stone.