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The invisible kitchen: minimalism between hobs

2 de September de 2022

The kitchen is the nerve centre of many homes, which is why more and more families are looking to revamp it from time to time. As experts in the sector, we have detected that the invisible kitchen is one of the current trends that is taking the industry by storm. So, what is it all about? What advantages does it offer? In this article, we dissect this trend characterised by minimalism.

Invisible induction hobs, the interior designers’ big hit

Microwave oven, food processor, electric coffee machine, buckets with cooking utensils. Many families’ worktops get lost under all the equipment we put on them. Let alone that the space left for cooking is minimal.

Not all users want their kitchens turned into a showcase of appliances. For lovers of minimalism, there is no better solution than invisible kitchens, which means you can cook directly on the worktop.

Ascale works with TPB Tech technology, integrating the induction hob into the worktop. As a result, we get an invisible induction cooker where we can prepare our favourite dishes whilst still having a large workspace.

Invisible induction hob advantages

Besides the modern design achieved with an invisible induction hob, this solution offers several advantages that are well worth the price.

  • Larger work surface: by eliminating the black glass of the glass ceramic hob, the worktop is entirely accessible. In other words, we can place the groceries and plate our latest recipe on this surface without fear of damaging it.
  • Adjustable to any size of kitchen: our invisible induction hobs are made to measure. In addition, when the glass is removed from the glass-ceramic hob, we know that all the space will be usable. Small kitchens, no more juggling between hobs!
  • Easy cleaning: Ascale works with worktops cut in a single piece, eliminating the worktop joints and edges obtained with conventional glass-ceramic hobs. The invisible cooker only needs a cloth and the usual soap to clean and disinfect.

These benefits can be added to the advantages of the worktop material itself. For example, if you choose one of our porcelain tiles, you will get a surface resistant to scratches, knocks, and temperature changes. It also provides maximum hygiene as it is a non-porous and antibacterial material. What more could you ask for?

How to design the invisible kitchen of your dreams

Every home has its essence, so the kitchen’s design must be in line with it so that everything flows together. In the case of invisible induction hobs or those integrated into the worktop, we have several options that we can customise to your liking.

Choose the style of the worktop

The most obvious is the style of the worktop. In this case, it is worth noting that porcelain tiles do not offer various colours, unlike other materials.

However, different designs can be achieved depending on how the piece’s tone is combined with the cabinets.

For example, if you are looking for a homely style, the Natura collection for the worktop with an invisible induction hob is the most suitable.

If, in addition, we add some classic cabinets in solid tones, such as white or petrol blue (depending on the natural light in the room), we will have the cosiest family kitchen in the neighbourhood.

If, on the other hand, our home calls for a more daring and carefree design, the Cemento and Metal collections are a must. Both of them can look spectacular with plain cabinets in contrasting tones.

Think about the layout and size of the hobs.

Once the style has been chosen, the next step is to think about what the invisible induction hob should look like. You can select the number of hobs you want and their arrangement.

You can also choose between different sizes of induction hobs. Not forgetting the controls which can be tactile or manual.

In summary, achieving the perfect invisible cooker is within your reach. All you have to do is visualise the style you want for the room and our experts will take care of designing the ideal project.