Innovative countertop washbasins: latest trendy hit in the magazines

14 de October de 2022

Interior designers are constantly on the lookout for original countertop washbasins, in search of the most eye-catching finishes for their work. The bathroom has become one of the main rooms in the home, so the time has come to go one step further with its design.

This post brings together everything you need to know to show off a magazine-worthy countertop bathroom sink.

What types of washbasins are there?

First of all, there are different types of washbasins, and the easiest way to differentiate between them is to divide them into those that do not include a cabinet and those that do.

Washbasins without cabinet

When we look back, almost all homes in Spain used to have pedestal washbasins. A simple piece of furniture without storage. In fact, if we want a seventies style bathroom, we can’t do without one of these freestanding pedestal washbasins.

We can get a more contemporary option with wall-hung washbasins. This model is attached to the wall, with no need for a countertop or cabinet.

Cabinet under washbasin

Bathroom furniture with a built-in washbasin was born out of the need to include space to store bathroom utensils. This design ensures that the washbasin is below the countertop, so the stone takes centre stage.

This model has been revised in such a way that the countertop already includes the basin in a single piece. Such a style does away with gaps between the different parts and everything is seamless in a single piece.

However, fashion changes and someone decided to move away from this style to go to the exact opposite pole. That is why today, countertop washbasins are the protagonists of the most attractive refurbishments.

Washbasin styles for countertops

No matter how modern we are, we can’t just install any basin on the countertop. Since we are talking about a completely visible washbasin, aesthetics are essential. There are designs to suit all tastes.

We can broadly distinguish between:

  • Square washbasin on countertop for lovers of straight lines. The most common is for them to be rectangular and robust. In other words, a solid piece where material and colour will be fundamental to achieve a more industrial or elegant style.
  • Round washbasin on countertop for more romantic and delicate designs. There are completely cylindrical, following the style of the rectangular ones; but we can also get oval versions.
  • Asymmetrical countertop washbasin for the more daring. There are basins that do not have a defined shape. They usually follow rounded lines, although anything goes!
  • Innovative countertop washbasins for those who are looking for unique pieces. They move away from the more conservative designs. We can find everything in this category, from basins that look like a stone split in half to models that simulate small troughs.

The bathroom sink is the piece that lends personality to your bathroom

Each room has an element that determines its character. When it comes to the bathroom, the basin can be a key element, given that we can create very different designs depending on which one we install.

For example, let’s imagine that we want to refurbish the bathroom in our home, and we are looking for washbasin options to place on a wooden countertop, such as our Natura collection.

Choosing a rectangular basin in white tones and with a stone texture, together with a tap embedded in the wall in black, will give us a very modern countryside atmosphere.

On the other hand, if we install a white oval or round basin on this same countertop, with the taps in silver or copper, we will obtain a more romantic and delicate room.

One suggestion that can look spectacular if we are renovating a country house is to use natural stone in a trough style. This combination will give a magazine-worthy result.

All in all, each home has its own soul. Therefore taking this into account when choosing the elements that make up the rooms will ensure that everything is coherent.

What to take into account when installing countertop basins?

Beyond the design of the basin, there are other issues that should be taken into consideration when opting for countertop washbasins. For example:

Which countertop is suitable for placing a basin on top of it?

Any Ascale bathroom countertop is suitable for a bathroom sink. However, you should always ask a professional in the sector to help you choose the piece that best suits your style and budget.

The most important thing is to take the measurements where it will be installed and to think about how thick you would like the bathroom countertop to be.

At what height should the washbasin be placed? The countertop washbasin model requires us to think carefully about the height at which we should place each piece so that it is usable. Normally, any bathroom vanity unit should have the basin at a height of about 90 cm from the floor.

However, here we must bear in mind that the basin is above the bench, so we must ensure that the sum of the unit, the worktop and the sink we choose is a maximum of 90 cm.

Countertop sink taps, are they included?

The advantage of countertop washbasins is that they are an independent piece, so many of them do not include the tap. If we find ourselves in this situation, we will have to check which model is the most suitable, both in terms of design and functionality.

The water inlet and the size of the spout should not be overlooked, especially in the case of countertop basins, which have somewhat irregular dimensions. 

Considering all these aspects, we can now look through catalogues in search of washbasins, taps and countertops to reform our bathroom.