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How to clean a kitchen countertop so it shines like new

26 de October de 2022

How to clean a kitchen countertop is one of the first things our customers always ask us. After all, it is part of our daily kitchen activity, and we need to know how to take care of each specific material.

In this post, we briefly cover the ways to take care of Ascale countertops so they stay as good as new.

How to clean porcelain countertops every day?

When installing a new material on our kitchen worktop, it’s normal to ask how to maintain it.

In fact, at Ascale we are used to our customers asking us how to clean stone worktops to preserve them over time.

The first thing we need to understand is that maintaining a porcelain worktop is effortless.

We are talking about a material that is extremely resistant to temperature changes and to scratches. Also, as kitchen worktop porcelain stoneware isn’t a porous material, we avoid those stubborn stains that stick to the stone.

That said, these qualities don’t mean that we can forget about cleaning our kitchen worktop. What’s more, if we want this space to stay clean and disinfected, this should become a part of our routine every time we finish cooking. So, how do we clean it?

As porcelain worktops are resistant, we can use any type of cloth or scourer as they don’t scratch easily. However, when cleaning kitchen work surfaces, we advise using a sponge with warm, soapy water. Once the dirt has gone, rinse the foam with water. To remove any remaining soap, use a damp cloth.

How to disinfect kitchen countertops for a deep clean?

The main advantage of porcelain is that it isn’t porous. In other words, liquids do not easily penetrate it, so we can easily deal with wine, coffee or other stains. That said, if we allow liquids to dry, they will leave a mark that will be more difficult to remove.

With this is mind, when deciding how to clean a kitchen countertop and which products to use, we must look at the type of stain we want to remove.

Removing recent stains

Let’s look at removing recent stains. For example, if we spill some sauce or some wine on the kitchen worktop when serving dinner, which then dries.

In this case, we just need to place a damp cloth with warm water over the area and wait for it to soften. After a few minutes, we can then remove the dirt with a damp wipe.

Tackling old stains

If the stain has been there for some time, we need to use a green scourer to soften it. We could also use specific products, such as degreasers. This way, we will be able to soften the stains and remove them with warm water.

The trick here is in the time each step is applied. In other words, allowing the degreaser to do its job, so the green scourer is more efficient. This way, even removing stains from white countertops is possible.

How to clean a kitchen worktop with cleaning products

If you want to leave your porcelain kitchen worktop looking as good as new, then warm, soapy water and a damp cloth are your best bet. But we can always call on a few old tricks to help us with more difficult stains.

For porcelain worktops, we can use white vinegar to remove water stains if we don’t have a specific chemical (non-abrasive) product to hand. If we want to restore some shine to the stone, and we don’t have any glass cleaner, we can use alcohol or acetone.

Lastly, if we would like to know how to clean a kitchen worktop with red wine stains, we can use a few drops of bleach.

However, we must remember to dilute it and rub it with a scourer. This way, we will avoid damaging the surface and concentrate only on the stain. In any case, the sooner we act on the stain, the easier it will be to remove it. This is why if we want our porcelain worktop to shine like new, we mustn’t forget to maintain it every day.