Can we use ceramic for fireplace tiles?

21 de November de 2022

Ceramic fireplace tiles offer us the perfect solution when revamping an outdated fireplace. Obviously, not just any old tile will do, and some options are better than others. In this post, we focus on how to achieve the best results when tiling a fireplace.

How to tile a fireplace

Renovating the design of the fireplace is easier than it seems. Thanks to the wide range of different materials we can use to tile a fireplace wall, we can get great results for all tastes.

But before we can think about aesthetics, we should think about whether the fireplace will be functional or just part of the décor of the room. This would give us more freedom when choosing materials of different heat resistances.

Once we have decided on the function of the fireplace, we just need a qualified professional to advise us on the structure that we are going to tile. Now, we need to choose the materials for the fireplace tiles and fix them in place with flexible adhesive cement.

This is a tough job, and should be done by a professional.

Which tiles work best for fireplaces?

If we want to continue to use our fireplace, we must make sure to choose the correct tiles for a fireplace that are resistant to high temperatures. This can be a natural stone or even a nice-looking ceramic tile.

Now, are all tiles suitable for tiling a fireplace? No. Ideally, they should be porcelain tiles, as they have greater resistance and durability.

Fireplace tile ideas

Having a tiled fireplace with porcelain tiles is all the rage. Not surprising, as this resistant material can give us a range of fireplace finishes. For example, if we look at the Ascale catalogue, we can get:

Marble, for more classic living rooms

The marble-inspired collection is always a great choice when thinking how to tile a fireplace in the living room. According to the size of the fireplaces to tile, we can take more or less of a risk.

For example, if we want to cover the entire wall taken up by the fireplace, then clear tiles, like Varese Onice give us a lot of light and style. On the other hand, if we just want to tile a fireplace wall and play with the contrasts, we can take a risk with more special tiles, like the Amazonite Seagreen with their green tones.

Wood for warm rooms

The Natura collection of tiles for fireplace is always a safe bet, both the light or dark versions. Their design, with hints of wood veins, will give any room that homely finish we are looking for.

On the face of it, this can be seen as quite a conservative proposal. However, we can achieve a really innovative effect if we use this tile for the entire chimney column, making this area the centrepiece of the room.

The Essential collection for modern fireplace tile ideas

Lastly, if we are thinking about a modern living room without mixing different textures, then the Essentials collection is what we’re looking for.  Although it may seem bland, it easily combines with the rest of the elements as it is a completely smooth porcelain in black and white.

fireplace white

For example, if we think about modern fireplace ideas, what probably comes to mind is using them as a room divider. For this model, the porcelain tiles for fireplaces from the Essentials collection will bring in light without overwhelming the room with new fabrics and materials.

Which fireplace tiles should I choose?

We have already seen that a tiled fireplace is a practical idea. What’s more, we have taken a look at some modern fireplace ideas that we can achieve with different tiles.

That said, with all of this information and the plethora of fireplace finishes on the market, what specifications should the ceramic stone fulfil? Which fireplace tiles should we choose?

The first thing is to look for porcelain tiles, as they are the most heat-resistant. They should also measure at least 6 mm.  Now, we just have to see which design best complements our fireplace and our budget. There is a tile for every taste!