5 countertops for white kitchens

16 de September de 2022

Choosing countertops for white kitchens is an art. Even if the colour goes with (practically) everything, the material can completely change the design of the room.

From the classic style to the rustic urban… Today we’ve put together a sample of the best countertops for a white kitchen to give it that movie-like finish.

The best marble for kitchen countertops to give us that classic style

Some designs never fail. We could even say they are the basis for any countertop catalogue. This is the case with the marble pieces. Even as time goes by, this type of stone will always be a safe bet.

Whether we want to give our kitchen a simple look, or if we want to break away from that plain design, marble is the best natural stone for kitchen countertops.

This is thanks to the variety of different tones this noble stone offers us. What’s more, marble pieces can vary significantly as a result of the unique design of its veins.

For example, the Montblanc White model is among the most sought-after classic kitchen countertops for sale today. By contrast, the Labradorite Royalblue is a sophisticated design that speaks for itself. This dark blue marble will be the star of any white kitchen, both as a countertop and as cladding.

Nature in your kitchen worktop

When thinking about what to use for kitchen countertops in a more rustic style, we can’t go wrong with the Natura collection. At Ascale we have managed to recreate natural wood patterns in our stone. As a result, we have achieved a natural look with all the advantages of the countertop. In other words, a hygienic and resistant kitchen worktop.

Lovers of rustic interior design can enjoy a range of different moods depending on the chosen tone.

For example, the Boreal Sand countertop for small white kitchens gives us extra light without losing that homely style. On the other hand, if we have a bright space or room, the Boreal Umber countertop will give it a more current look.

Industrial style for modern white kitchens

Kitchens for both homes and businesses will completely change in style when adding an industrial touch. This is what the Ascale Cement line brings. A collection of the best countertops for kitchens in grey tones with a matt finish.

Even though its name sounds a bit rugged, it can’t be further from the reality. This collection brings a sober touch to any room, both with countertops and wall cladding. Also, in the case of countertops for white kitchens, we will break with chromatic continuity without excessively changing the tone.

Metal and oxide to break the mould

Beyond the industrial style that the Cement collection brings, we also have a unique design which is perfect for the most adventurous: the Ascale Metal collection.

This model transports us to the industrial architecture of the 1980s in New York thanks to the nuances of the oxide tones. It is, therefore, a countertop with a modern design and a distinct character that will give a light-hearted atmosphere to a simple kitchen.

If we have a room in white tones, the Moma Rusteel countertop will give it a completely different personality. Another, more conservative option would be to reclad the kitchen front with this slab and leave the other components in white.

Luminosity and style for small spaces

Lack of space is normally one of the reasons we avoid certain materials and designs. However, as we have seen, it is possible to enjoy a rustic design countertop in a small room, as we cut them to size.

Achieving a minimalist style is simple with the Croma and Essential collections. These are the most interesting ideas for updating kitchen countertops in a limited space.

Both concepts offer us white stone, which will allow us to put together a kitchen in a single colour, but with different textures. So, for something more personal, we also have other tones to create interesting combinations and contrasts.

Countertops for white kitchens with a lot of personality

We have seen how we can change the personality of the room by considering our different countertops for white kitchens. And not just the worktop. We can use this type of countertop to reclad the kitchen, giving it an entirely different atmosphere. The only thing we need to be clear about is which style fits best with the rest of the home, and to look for a reputable supplier. This is because, apart from design, we need to make sure that we are acquiring the best material for kitchen countertops