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Onice Seagreen

The exquisite Onice Seagreen is a true gem in the field of decoration. Its intricate and deep veining gives it a unique beauty that makes it the ideal choice for luxury and refinement spaces. This natural precious stone, translucent and playful with light, creates a charming play of shadows and flashes that enhance its deep and enigmatic color.

Inspired by the enigmatic onyx stone, Onice Seagreen is characterized by its mysterious sea green background, adding a touch of elegance to any environment. Its subtle and enigmatic veins enhance its singularity, creating an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication. This material is perfect for those looking to design truly stunning and luxurious spaces.

Technical data sheet
320cm 126'' Medidas Piezas
160cm 63''
AS polished
AS matt
Technical specifications
ASCALE Lightness
ASCALE Made in
ASCALE Waterproof
ASCALE Cut Resistance
ASCALE Recycled
ASCALE Large Format
ASCALE UV Resistance
ASCALE High Resistance
ASCALE Hygienic
ASCALE Low temperature resistance
ASCALE High temperature resistance
ASCALE Anti-stain
ASCALE 100% natural