We suggest a good initial cleaning after the laying on the floor or wall, this is very important for removing residual grouting and the normal dirt coming from the building works.
We suggest the use of a cementious descaler, that is a lightly acid product that doesn’t emit fumes that are harmful for the user and that can attacks joints. In case of material layed with epoxy or resinous grouting, we recommend to clean after laying with An specific detergent.


For a good cleaning of the floor we suggest the use of a natural detergent with a high cleaning power. In case of strong dirty and encrusted by the time, we recommend to consult the following scheme to find the perfect solution to every situation.

Type of dirty Product
Zement, Kalkstein, metal tracer, rust CEMENTIOUS DESCALER
Residuals, stains and halos of epoxi joints EPOXI DESCALER
Greasy, drinks, food, tire marks, colours, marker, etc. NON SOAP DEGREASE


1. Once the tiles have been grouted and any excess grout cleaned off, it is important to wait the stipulated time before using the tiled surface; in other words, any cleaning should wait until the tiled surface is completely dry. We recommend waiting 5 days before cleaning in readiness for full use.

2. The newly tiled surface must be protected from water and damp while the adhesive and grouting materials are maturing and hardening. This is particularly important in outside spaces and areas where there is a risk of freezing.

3. Measures should also be taken to protect the newly tiled surface against mechanical or chemical damage resulting from subsequent work by other professionals or later installations. Damage can be prevented by covering the floor tiles with thick cardboard or similar material.

4. For the final cleaning of the tiled surface, the products used should be compatible with the chemical resistance of the tiles. Avoid solid detergents with abrasive particles and solutions containing hydrofluoric acid, which attacks the glaze and causes irreversible damage to the ceramic tile.