Ceramic Is The Anti-Bacterial Material You’re Looking For.

2 de June de 2020

It has taken a long confinement to truly understand the importance of our space at home. The many hours of confinement have revealed the improvements our homes need to become more comfortable. Improvements in living rooms, kitchens and terraces or spatial adaptations for new uses such as game rooms, offices, gyms, etc.

Ceramic is an ideal material for getting the comfort desired in your home or project. The diverse finishes, low porosity and ease of cleaning make it a perfect anti-bacterial and hygienic product for covering walls, floors and worktops. In fact, it is one of the most-often recommended materials in laboratories and kitchens around the world.

In our manufacturing process we use 100% natural raw materials such as feldspars, kaolin and other types of minerals which are fired at temperatures of around 1200° after proper handling. This achieves the zero porosity our products are known for.

What’s more, maintenance requires no special attention — just regular cleaning with water and everyday soaps and detergents.