Trends in bathroom countertops

16 de September de 2022

Bathroom countertops are all the rage. In fact, an increasing number of interior designers are focusing on finding solutions for this room that go beyond the merely practical. What are the most popular designs? Let’s find out!

Bathroom with countertop: the stylish touch you’ve been longing for

Bathrooms tend to be one of the rooms in which materials are most exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. That is why it is necessary to renovate the bathroom from time to time.

What’s more, even if we are careful and everything is still standing, the fact is that the bathroom is one of the areas that show the real age of our home. Furniture and tile style can give us clues as to whether we are looking at the original design or whether it has been renovated recently.

Therefore, it is only natural that many consumers feel encouraged to take the plunge and invest in reforming their bathrooms. If we add to this that magazine-worthy finishes can now be achieved in any home, who can resist remodelling their bathroom?

For example, having a bathroom with a countertop is one of the trends that has worked best this year, and it doesn’t look like it will change in the coming months. Why? When designing the room, countertops create plenty of possibilities.

Countertops for bathrooms, what should you take into account?

The countertop bathroom is one of the latest trends for two main reasons. First, you can achieve very different styles depending on the stone you choose. The second is that countertops can be adapted to any bathroom, regardless of size.

However, when choosing our made-to-measure washbasin worktops, we must bear in mind the following:

  • Bathroom style: it may seem as if we are putting the cart before the horse. However, having a concrete idea of how we want this room to look will help us choose materials and colours more quickly. Just take a look at the Ascale catalogue to see how many options we have.
  • The materials: a glass countertop does not offer the same advantages as a marble one. Nor is the price the same, so you have to weigh what suits you in terms of design and budget.
  • The size: some suppliers only offer standard sizes for certain materials, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive solution. If you are happy to have a double washbasin or your space is unconventionally sized, the best alternative is to look for custom-made countertops.

At this point, we are ready to start configuring your next bathroom countertop.

Types of countertops for bathrooms in trend

Times are changing and built-in or semi-inset washbasins have been forgotten to make way for more eye-catching and elegant designs. Below, we take a look at the most exciting ideas for renovating your bathroom with a washbasin countertop.

Countertops for wall-mounted basins

Wall-mounted washbasin style transports us to the chicest spas and hotels, which is why there are many interior designers suggesting them when renovating a classic bathroom. Moreover, they are a trendy choice for small bathrooms.

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The advantage of wall-mounted washbasin countertops is that we can place them at the height that suits us best, as there are no limitations on the cupboard underneath. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to show off by creating unique designs and contrasts between the countertop, the tap and the washbasin.
Of course, we must consider whether we will need storage space. If so, one possibility would be to opt for a washbasin countertop with a skirting board and add a wall-mounted drawer. A functional combination that gives a feeling of space.

Countertop with integrated basin

If we are looking for a proposal that considers storage, a countertop with integrated basin may be the answer. Although the wall-mounted version of this model is also available, it is more common for users who opt for this model to want it with a cupboard.

The design is pleasing to the eye, and when it is time to clean it. The single-piece design avoids the edges of the recessed versions, which always end up accumulating water. Moreover, the stone we choose will stand out much more.

Design and quality, the combo for your bathroom countertop

The current trend is moving away from plain white washbasins to look for countertops that bring us closer to materials with more personality, such as cement or wood. Therefore, Ascale’s catalogue includes options to suit all tastes.

Whatever our choice is, the important thing is to always rely on professionals who offer quality bathroom countertops, which are resistant and made of waterproof materials. This is how you can keep your bathroom looking as good as new for much longer.